Who is Metropolitan Behavioral Health Services?

Metropolitan Behavioral Health Services, Inc. (MBHS) is committed to providing quality care to our consumers having over 50 years of experience. Within this commitment, we strive to ensure that the highest ethical standards are evident in our delivery of behavioral healthcare. We demonstrate as individuals and as an organization that all our actions are founded on the principles of accountability and integrity.

Our Board of Directors has established a Compliance Program within our organization. MBHS’s development and integration of a Compliance Program provides guidance to ensure that our services are provided in an ethical and legal manner. The program emphasizes the shared common values that guide our behaviors and contains resources to assist in resolving questions about appropriate conduct in the work place.

Misery has a parking spot, you do not have to suffer when there is help.

MBHS Mission Statement

Build a high performing organization; Provide opportunities for patients, customers and Stakeholders to be part of the solution; Provide training and awareness

MBHS Core Values








Educate. Empower. Expand.

MBHS provides a person centered, family involved, community-based system of care committed to quality behavioral health care to the patients we serve.

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